je sub, et alors?

19 August
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Ya know, I ought to put something here ... I always hated the bio sections since it always struck me as being somewhere you needed to waffle on and try to sell yourself. Meh.

So anyways. I'm a 30-something year old bloke from England, with a bit of a fetish for France ... this isn't my primary journal, rather this is a dumping ground for all my erotic thoughts and developments. I'm trying to open out and explore this whole side of me, and felt that the best way of doing that here at LJ was to create a new journal where I could concentrate on it purely and simply. Besides, not all of my friends are as open-minded as I am, my *mother* reads my 'normal' journal for fark's sake!!

Obviously postings and links within are primarily of an adult nature, so only enter within if you are comfortable enough with the contents. Postings themselves will be on a highly irregular and ad-hoc basis, I'm going to predominantly use this account to post to the communities, so don't fret if you don't see anything happen here for a while at a time, I will be around!