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Friday, May 2nd, 2008
1:05 am
bound in stocks ... :)
mistress made a set of stocks for me :)

squee :)

when i next go over to visit her i get to try them out :)

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Sunday, February 24th, 2008
11:49 am
Assignment from Mistress - How To Improve Lovemaking
due to the distance between us, Mistress quite often sets me assignments to do, so we can practice the Dom/sub aspect of our relationship even though we're not 'together'. so i do these assignments and then send them back to her, or at least report on progress and provide proof somehow. these assignments can range from the simplistic 'take a picture of your room' to the conceptual 'suck a cock and tell me in detail all the stages you went through to find it, what you did with it, and how you felt about it'.

recently, she gave me one that i send to her a few examples of how i could improve our lovemaking, from foreplay to sex.

she also requested that i updated this LJ, as i have been quite lax with it of late (as you can tell ...) !

so i figured i would combine both ... :)


how to improve lovemakingCollapse )

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Sunday, November 18th, 2007
6:11 pm
national networking
i have a profile on a kinky networking website - it's a gay BSDM site - and i'm discovering something really odd.

Whereas most networking sites have a large proportion of the people involved being from the USA and the UK, this particular side has a much weirder national breakdown.
To be specific, it appears that the majority of people on *this* website are from Belgium and The Netherlands.

very odd ...
Tuesday, November 14th, 2006
7:18 pm
... and what then?
Mistress has asked me a very interesting question, and one I had never considered.

What do you expect/ would like to happen once you're tied.

Let me explain; i am a submissive, and i like submitting to Mistress, but predominantly my pleasure and desire comes from the simple fact of being tied up. my primary motivation is my love of being bound, tightly, and for me it is both the means and the end. i enjoy being bound for periods of time, i find it calming and yet also exciting - it's the only time i can ever feel truly 'free' and relaxed ...

... but having a trussed-up sub on your sofa is all very well but doing nothing apart from admire the view and take pictures i think is getting a little boring for M.

we have done more than just bondage of course; mainly M has tickled me with fingers and our pinwheel, but we haven't done much mroe than that - mainly because i've never pushed forward with a desire for more. this is because i'd never really thought of it. when we discuss things, future ideas and plans, 99% of what is discussed seems to be different ways and methods in which to have me tied, rather than things to do with me once i *am* tied.

i think i'm just musing to myself more than anything!

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Tuesday, August 15th, 2006
1:10 am
i'm hungry ....
i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed cock!!!

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Saturday, August 5th, 2006
2:45 pm
the Mistress cometh!
i'm not really sure what to write about this - only that she came over from france and stayed with me for a few days.

we didn't get up to kinky and sensual stuff all the time - she is a very close friend as well as a partner - so i showed her round the delights (or not!) of Birmingham and Nottingham. She discovered Sutton-in-Ashfield all by herself (though she seems to have missed Europe's Biggest Sundial ... no real loss methinks!).

however the 'bedroom' activities were very nice :) :p !

the first two nights were spent in a hotel in the centre of Birmingham, where she introduced me to a length of 10-metre rope ... and combined its use with the delicious yet annoying pinwheel. Pinwheels, in small doses, are immensely satisfying, when used either as a tickle-tool, or as a method of inducing sensations of pain. But too much of it and it does start to hurt.

when we got back to nottinghamshire we used my bedroom to good effect - i have a bed with a metal frame which, when i moved into the house, i actually bought specifically for that purpose.

the trouble i have with certain methods of bondage is about arousal. i'm one of those people who finds it easiest to climax when tensing my legs and (ideally) stretching them straight. And together. I find it very difficult to cum whilst hogtied. so towards the end the knots had to be 'loosened' so i could obtain release (mind you this was after an hour and a bit of good solid bondage play). Not that I'm complaining about bondage of course - at one point i needed my hand released to get some blood back into it but it was only a few minutes later that i requested restraint again. bondage slut am i :p

one of the more interesting and exciting moments was that we went for a walk in the afternoon air across the fields and footpaths near to my house - on one of the more remote paths she brought out her dog lead (which i didn't know she'd been carrying) and lightly bound my wrists behind me with it, keeping hold of the other end - i felt like a horse or something leading her over the hills and pathways; it was pretty cool! And no-one at all passed us by - not sure how either me, her, nor they would have reacted if they had.

i'll probably write more later - but for now i thought i'd post a couple of pictures!

if you *really* want to see a hairy naked 30-year old male all tied up!Collapse )

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Friday, July 21st, 2006
8:24 pm
w00t ...
... i appear to now have a mistress! yay, a sub with an owner!! :)

we're discussing limits, rights, contracts, right now. She lives abroad but is coming over to visit me next week - we've met thrice already but only as kinky partners.

i am her soumis, and i truly believe i'm going to honour it.

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Monday, July 17th, 2006
9:45 pm
a little on me and submission
one of my netpals asked me a couple of questions about submission, i thought they were interesting enough to repost here!

* do i have to be in a special mood to be submissive?

no, is the simple answer. I think being naturally submissive anyway means that i don't have to be in a particular mood, but certainly it does depend on circumstance as to how submissive (or indeed dominant) I feel, and also to a strong extent, who I'm with.

There are people I've known, even dated, with whom I always felt either 'uneasy' about submissiveness, or who were naturally more so than i, so it did feel somewhat strange and forced to be submissive to them (in a sexual sense, anyway). Conversely there have been other people with whom I've felt a lot more confortable about this side of myself.

The happier I feel with someone, and the more comfortable the relationship is, then the more likely I am to feel submissive moods more often. The sort of person I am, I feel that with the right person, I could be pretty much permanently submissive/petlike.

* is it just a bedroom thing or a way of life?

very good question. and it does depend on mood!

my experience in 'the bedroom' (although more frequently specifically outside of it, lol) is with people more submissive than I, thus I desire to experience more of the sexual submission and being dominated, because i think it's naturally the way i feel, plus also it's not something i've had as much experience of, so am more prone to desiring it more.

in vanilla life i'm pretty schizophrenic with submission:
- on the one hand i'm a very independent, solitary figure who at times wants and needs no-one around, and feels happiest being his own boss; indeed I have a natural dislike of authority and could be described as an armchair anarchist (I rant, often at length!).
- on the other hand I don't like making decisions, if i'm with someone (even on a shopping trip) i don't like to choose what to do lest it displeases them; i always like to make the other happy - and i am happy if they are happy. i don't feel comfortable with responsibility.

* on a scale from 0-10 how submissive am i?

assuming 0 is dominant and 10 is slave ... overall, taking all factors into account, i'm probably about 6-7. With the wrong person I can drop down to 2, with the right I can be about 9.

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Monday, July 10th, 2006
10:22 pm
well it was worth a passing thought!
... ok so i had this idea, and it sounded reasonable as far as it went.

one of my friends said she needed money; i said i'd pay her if she posed for kinky pics, she said the idea was tempting.

this led to me having a thought of, well if i can get her involved, i can try to get one or two of my other friends in, and once i have a couple of people to show off, then i can advertise for more - it's always starting off that's the trouble.

the other friend i asked said "i'd consider it if i lost 5 stone". which is a pretty weird comment from her, who if she lost 5 stone would probably resemble some kind of fence-post.

get the impression that this isn't going to happen! LOL.
Thursday, July 6th, 2006
11:53 pm
eating out after a long time
[ooh, an update!].

Having re-joined gaydar the other day (I felt it was about time, lol!), I've been chatting to a couple of people via IM on the site, who offered their cocks for me to suck on. And today I got round to meeting up with one of them!

He lived over in NW Nottingham, so it was a simple task to go from work down the tram line, only took me about 45 mins door to door. Or it would have done had I managed to get to his place directly, without getting a little lost in the small maze of little terraced streets ... still, i got there in the end!

He was older than I imagined, quite scrawny, and he kept watching me whilst i gave my beard a trim in his bathroom ... kinda creepy but nothingh too serious. I'd already arranged with my friend that she would come and pick me up around 8pm-ish.

He knew my profile ... he actually initially toyed with the idea of tying my hands with green plastic clothes line but didn't really fancy it so he didn't - didn't make any odds to me (and I hadn't previously imagined he would anyway). Anyhow, he got me nearly naked, then got himself naked, and stood in front of me, waiting for me to take him with my lips.

Nice cock, though I realised very quickly that I'm really badly out of practice at sucking - well it has been around 9 months since I last tried! He got hard quite quick though, a combination of my mouth, my hands, and his hands manipulating his cock to make him aroused.

He seemed to enjoy what I was doing, though I know I'm still using my teeth too much though - over time I'm sure I'll eliminate that (and indeed have done quite a bit since I first sucked) but I do still have some way to go yet.

He got most aroused when I licked his balls, indeed when he came (after only about 20-25 mins, much sooner than I'd anticipated!) he did so through a combination of him wanking whilst I licked on his balls. Though he did tell me he was going to come and wondered if I wanted it. Like I needed to be asked twice!! He had a lot of cum, felt like it just kept coming out, but I did manage to swallow it all. I usually can - during climax I kind of place my tongue over the slit of the cock to ensure that I can effectively control how much enters my mouth at any time, then keep it in, swirl it a bit until I'm used to it, then swallow.

He did try to arouse me afterwards but my body doesn't work that way so we just chatted for a while afterwards.

Ahhh it was good to suck cock again, after so long ... not perfect, but it'd do! Though I can still taste it in the far reaches of my gums!

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Monday, April 10th, 2006
8:30 pm
* sighs.

People are ... unreliable ... sometimes. I know *I* am ...

Trying to meet up with a bloke 'in the wilds beyond Clipstone' ... all was set and then he e-mails me on the day (this was last Friday) he had to go to Basingstoke. Now I'm sure that in this case he might well have had to, but all the same it's annoying to make plans that never work out ...

it takes me enough courage to psyche myself up to meet someone in the first place, so when this kind of thing happens, sometimes it just makes me really think about things.

In other matters;
I need to take more control of my life and be more 'assertive' to *look* for more of these opportunities. We're all getting old and one day it will be too late.

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Monday, March 27th, 2006
7:39 pm
what happens when you don't visit websites as often as you should ...
... my subscription to Gaydar expired and I forgot it was about to.

Drat ... have to renew that.

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Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
7:50 pm
Why I like to suck cock
Was having an e-mail 'catch-up' conversation with a very good but very vanilla friend of mine; she was curious when I told her I'd sucked a few cocks in my time (being as she assumed I was a purely heterosexual 30-year-old male), and was curious to know why. So this below is basically an extract from the e-mail that i replied with; thought it would be useful to post here.


What do I like about it? It's a good question. I like the feel of it in my mouth, the texture; it's sometimes a bit bland and almost rubbery but often it's quite sweet. I've always been very much more orally-inclined than penile-inclined; even with women I've always much preferred kissing all over than having sex.

It's also a question of wanting to make the other person feel good - part of my submissive attitude and nature. I like to know and feel that I'm turning someone on; that what I'm doing is pleasurable to them. And I do believe that oral sex is the most intense way you can bring someone to orgasm. Therefore bringing someone to climax with my mouth is the logical conclusion of these beliefs. And no-one has complained about my technique ;)

I don't find men attractive, sexually or otherwise. i could never have a relationship with a guy. Nor could I have anal sex with a guy - neither giving nor receiving (the same is true for women too, btw). And I much prefer to give than to receive, to the extent that I haven't asked or let any guy suck mine. When it comes to sexual activity with guys (*), the only thing I do is suck them, nothing else. I wouldn't want to do owt else. Don't even see the attraction in holding another guy's cock, save possibly to make the task of sucking easier, but even that isn't necessary. I have done it before without using my hands at all.

So yes, I'm attracted just to the penis, and not to the penis itself, but to the action of working it. Part of my erotic picture collection that I downloaded from the net over the years is images of people giving blow-jobs. I look at them and imagine it's me sucking instead of them. Pics just of penises do nothing for me, likewise pics of women's pussys do nothing for me either. Nor do pics of people having sex.

For me, the only reason I suck cock is to suck cock itself; to pleasure the guy, and to experience the feeling of doing it myself. It's a form of sex, yes, but I've never really had a straightforward view on the whole concept of 'sex'. As such therefore, I don't consider it would be 'cheating' on my female partner were I to suck another guy's penis whilst in a relationship with a woman. Partly because he offers something she can't, and partly because i know there's no way that he would be able to take me away from her, emotionally and spiritually - I'd still be 'in love' with her and even sucking 100 cocks wouldn't change that.

What makes me want to carry on doing it? Because I like it? LOL. Because having done it a couple of times I realised that it was something I did like doing, and don't really why I shouldn't? Because I seem to be reasonably good at it and want to show people my skills?

What kind of men? Across the board, but generally slightly older - between about 35 and 50 - and usually gay. There seems to be more of an acceptance of it amongst gay men; bisexual men appear to prefer having meaningless sex with women. Odd. Also the bisexual men tend to be younger and looking for someone with a bit more sex appeal than me. Older gay men appear to like younger nerdy-looking suckers!! * giggles.

For me it tends to be a one-off thing - there's one bloke in London I've sucked off a few times but usually the guys are 'one-suck-stands' as it were. Hence why it's different to being in a 'physical' relationship. In such a relationship I have to be primed most of the time, and I do quickly get ... bored? maybe, whereas with the one-off sucks, I'm always up for it, and because it's just that one time, without planning for future meets until they are requested, there's no constant demands and pressure; both parties are ready for it there and then.

I like giving oral sex to women, yes, absolutely! I prefer going down on women than having sex with them. I'm pretty sure I prefer going down on men though - they seem to taste slightly better, plus it's actually considerably easier (physically, I mean - cos a cock sticks out it's easier to suck on than a pussy that goes in). But I'm pretty orally-minded as I say, so would be quite happy to go down on anyone, within reason!

(* there are other things I do with men that I don't consider sexual. Others would ...)


(x-posted to my journal and to _oral_sex_)

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Sunday, September 18th, 2005
11:59 pm
Spot the Sub!
9am Sunday morning is not a good time to wake up. But needs must ... I'd arranged the previous day to meet up with Sam (phenix_fire) at midday at a cafe in the centre of Birmingham, so I needed to be out pretty sharpish. As it happened Sam was a few minutes late; I'd got there early anyway and had already finished my drink (mint and hazelnut iced milkshake), but someone had left a Sunday newspaper lying around so I wasn't bored or anything.

We were both headed to the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar; neither of us had gone before, and we'd both said we didn't really fancy going there alone - so we'd ended up arranging to go together. I think it's always good to go to places with people anyway, rather than on your own, because then you can discuss what you see and bounce ideas off each other.

On our way there, we expected to see quite a few people wandering the same way, all dressed up, but in fact we didn't see anyone at all; everyone must have got there earlier than we did though (about 12.45pm) since it was quite crowded inside when we arrived.

First thing we did was find the bar, and sit down with a drink (the important stuff!). Read the leaflets we'd picked up, and got a feel for the ambiance of the place. Sam chatted to one lady with bright pink boots, only to be told the one and only time she's seen them, she'd bought them. In Scarborough! (Funny, I never had Scarborough down as a fetish centre ...). One thing I did notice that was disappointing from the leaflets was that Coventry had a reasonable scene - just typical now I've pretty much moved out of the place!

We wandered up to the demonstration on the third floor; all about edge play - knives, fire, etc. It was very interesting, it's not been something I'd previously considered but I can see the appeal. The trouble with me in that kind of environment is I have a tendency to be too 'passive'; maybe I over-trust people but I have this innate sense that people are not going to do me harm in play, so I just tend to take it all. I *know* for instance that the knife wouldn't hurt me, because I'd tend to trust the person using it - therefore it doesn't seem to have quite the psychological impact that it should. Yes, I'm weird. I did ask a question at the demonstration to do with limits, and whether they lost their impact the more they were hit; apparently not since you don't always need to go to extremes anyway, and it depends on how both parties feel on the day. Sometimes even a slight hint can be enough to set someone off at that moment.

After the demonstration we had a wander around the stalls. Showed Sam a pinwheel, she'd never come across them before and she seemed quite intrigued. She kept longing at the corsets but in the event only bought a pair of leather wrist-cuffs, with soft furry inner lining. I never bought anything in the end (apart from beer at the bar!), mainly because I'm not really sure when I would have used most of what was being sold - although that didn't stop me wanting to buy up half the entire market!

I did see a whole stocks contraption on sale for £450; sizeable thing, quite flexible too (not only can the height be adjusted so you could either stick head and wrists, or ankles, into it, but the stocking itself slips up so you can either be in them traditionally, or use it almost like a yoke). I actually had two looks at it; the first time they tried to open it and it almost fell apart! Whoops ... I went back a bit later and actually tried them out - it felt pretty comfortable and there was certainly no way I was going to be able to lift it off my neck and wrists. While in there I had an image of myself being whipped - I've never thought of that before ... hmm maybe I'm becoming even more open to things than I was. The whole contraption comes flat-packed but even so I'm not sure where I'd stick it ...

We eventually made it back to the bar for a couple of drinks, and started chatting to those around us. Sam spoke to a particularly good artist/photographer, and swapped details with him. We ended up chatting to some people from Stoke-on-Trent, and taking a look at each other's purchases. Sam's wrist-cuffs got an airing as we both tried them on, though she just had to point out 'spot the sub' when I actually found it quite tough to tighten the straps on them as tight as either of us would have liked. She agreed with me too that having a metal 'link' connecting them isn't the most secure since they're easy to un-slide, however obviously with a bit of rope into the loops securing them together, escape would be much trickier.

And that's basically that, we had a damn fine time and I'm sure we'll both be going to the next one in a month's time. Although I think we need to save up a bit of money before then ;)
Saturday, September 10th, 2005
12:19 am
Wednesday, August 31st, 2005
11:34 am
Meme about me
[Section 1 - Basics]
Name:: Ian
Age:: 30
Gender:: Male
Height:: 6'3" ish
Weight:: no clue ... haven't weighed myself this century
Ring size:: no idea. jewellry isn't my thing.
Pants size:: 35" waist. or thereabouts. Much to the disbelief of all and sundry.
Shirt size:: XL. Not because of fatness but because of height. And I like them baggy.
Shoe size:: UK size 11.
Piercings:: none
Tatoos:: none
Hair color:: sort of brownish with reddish bits. Apparently people can tell I have scottish origins * But It Is Not Ginger *.
Hair length:: neither crew-cut nor hippy.
Eye color:: green. ish.
Zodiac sign:: leo.
Chinese zodiac sign:: rabbit.
Body type/size:: reminiscent of lampposts.
Birthday:: August 19th
Birthplace:: Lancashire.
Place now:: East Midlands.
Race/ethnicity:: caucasian.
School and grade/year:: not.
Natural hair color:: as above. never dye it. maybe i will one day.
GPA:: and this means ... what exactly?
Blood type:: i did know once ... can't recall.
Hobbies:: see my LJ interests list. :p
I.Q.:: c.165. one day I might start using it ..
Do you excercise:: i walked home from work every day. 3 miles. I'd have walked *to* work but that involved getting out of bed early ...
Are you healthy:: prolly not.
Fun?:: has been known.
Serious?:: attempts have been made.
Sarcastic?:: nah, that would be *so* below me.
Funny?:: apparently. don't see it myself.
Cute?:: nah.
Pretty?:: ha ha ha.
Good-looking?:: repeat as above ...
Beautiful?:: ditto ad infinitum.
Optimistic?:: we're on a road to nowhere ...
Smart?:: seems so.
Oppinionated?:: it has been known. sometimes more so than other times. rants are not uncommon.
Outgoing?:: f**k no!
Shy?:: damn straight, yep.
Unique?:: definitely. as everyone around me will testify to.
Sweet?:: wouldn't have said so.
Hyper?:: at times ...
Talkative?:: only in the right setting.
Creative?:: yes, when i can be mythered.
Imaginative?:: absolutely.
Gloomy?:: i have my moments ...
Depressed?:: bi-polar?
Silly?:: arrrr ...
Loud?:: nada.
Quiet?:: usually.
Dependant?:: probably more than people think.
Loyal?:: yes, directly so.
Confident?:: noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Section 2 - This or that about you]
Righty/lefty/either:: righty
Glasses/contacts/none:: glasses ... would never fancy contacts.
Punk/goth/prep/thug/??:: nerd ....
Innie/outie:: innie
Tan/pale/average/??:: i avoid sunlights whenever possible ... i melt in the heat ... my sun-tan lotion is factor 35 ...
Freckles/none:: some on the arms

[Section 3 - Family]
Mom's name:: no comment
Dad's name:: no comment
Siblings/their names/their ages:: none ... am an only child.
Dead family members:: we have traced the family tree back to about 1820 ... would you like a list ... ?!
Do you live with your siblings?:: n/a
Parents married/divorced/neither?:: no comment
Parents together/separated/dating/none?:: no comment
Do you have any stepparents?:: no comment
Ex-stepparents?:: no comment
Do you have any children of your own?:: it appears not.
If so, what are their names and ages? If not, do you want any?:: have no desire.

[Section 4 - Favorites]
Color:: lime green, sky blue, and black.
Food:: chocolate.
Drink:: anything without caffeine. i'm trying to give it up ....
Candy:: chocolate. yes, it can be candied.
Flavor:: chocolate ... do you sense a theme here ...
Movie:: Dr Strangelove. At the moment. Favourites can be vague and change at a whim.
Band/Singer :: Jean-Jacques Goldman.
Show:: Takeshi's Castle. I don't watch much TV ...
Game:: Civilisation. the original incarnation.
Element:: Carbon.
Music type:: female-fronted guitar-based pop-rock. Of types ranging from Dar Williams to Mylene Farmer.
Actor:: Robert Lindsay.
Month:: May?
Season:: Spring.
Holiday:: none.
Shampoo/conditioner:: one that works.
Song:: "True Faith" by New Order. I am aware that doesn't match my music type. bite me :p
Number:: 2857.
Word:: barefoot.
Magazine:: none. it used to be "the Economist" when I was at school (jeez how pretentious is that?!).
Restaurant:: some riverside place in Porto.
Sport:: running
Animal:: red squirrels
Language:: french.
Country:: Sweden.
Weather:: sunny, cooling breeze, some few white clouds, not humid.

[Section 5 - Sex]
Sexual orientation:: straight leaning to bi-curiousness (orally, at least).
Are you a virgin?:: nooooo
Do you like to have sex?:: it's not the greatest thing in the world.
Do you like to have oral sex?:: f**k yes !!!! :) bring it on !!!
Do you like to have anal sex?:: my arse is one way only, if you please!
Do you like to give more or get more?:: give give give
Do you usually give more or get more?:: give, it seems. aren't i lucky :p
Does size matter?:: not in my experience ;)
Do you like to kiss?:: yep, it's lovely and sweet, the most sensual thing that people in love can do with each other.
French kiss?:: see above. tongue is cool.
Make out?:: yep.
Favorite position:: woman on top.
Are you more dominant?:: no!
Or more submissive?:: yes!!
Are you more sadistic?:: it's been known ....
Or more masochistic?:: i think so ...
Do you like to use toys?:: yes yes.
Cuffs?:: leather wristcuffs are fab.
Bondage?:: definitely ;)
Wax?:: nah, don't do pain.
Clothes pins/ clamps?:: see above ...
Chains?:: never tried, but hell yes.
Gags?:: mmmmmmmmm!
Collars?:: never tried, but would love to.
Leashes?:: and what's a collar without one?
Whips?:: never tried ... not into pain ... we'll see about that.
Paddles?:: better than a whip ...
Other things?:: pinwheels ....
Do you look at porn?:: *cof* it has been known. fark, I've been *in* kinky pics ...

[Section 6 - Friends]
Would you consider yourself a good friend?: at times, no, but usually, I hope so.
Would you rather have a lot of friends or a few good friends?:: a few good friends
Who is your best friend?:: all my closest friends are like best friends, i'm not going to specify further.
Do you have a lot of friends?:: not that many, no.
How many good friends would you say you had?:: mhhhhh a handful?

[Section 7 - Love]
Do you believe in love?:: yes.
Do you believe in love at first sight?:: i believe in *lust* at first sight.
What is love?:: ... i know a few songs by that title!
Do you feel in love right now?:: yes.
Have you ever told someone you loved them?:: yes.
If so, were you telling the truth?:: most of the time.
Are you married/divorced/neither?:: was nearly married once. meh.
Are you with someone/single/dating/none?:: dating.
Do you believe in soulmates?:: possibly. certainly there have been people i have had some kind of weird connection with.
Could you ever fall in love with someone of a different religion?:: i don't *do* religion myself, so, sure.
Different ethnicity?:: i don't see why not?
Same gender?:: not love. lust, perhaps. i don't tend to harbour feelings in the same way.
Different political views?:: of course. intellectual passionate argumental discussion in bed is fab. and no, i'm *not* being sarcastic, surprisingly!
Do you love certain material possesions?:: i think everyone has a few, yes.
Certain hobbies?:: yes ... :p
Your friends?:: my friends are fab. usually. sometimes i like to be alone though.
Your family?:: they're great, though they have a tendency to believe that seeing them once a year just isn't quite enough?!
Do you have a crush?:: yes ...
Do you date people just because of how they look?:: no.
Would you date someone for their money?: i never ask.
Would you use someone?:: no
Have you used someone?:: no
Have you dated someone just for their money?:: no
Have you ever dated someone who was sweet but weren't good-looking: no. being good-looking is up to me, not anyone else. we all have different views as to what is and is not an attribute of attractiveness.
Would you ever date someone because you were desperate?:: ... * cof * it has been known.
Have you?:: see above.
Would you ever date someone for sexual reasons?:: no. though i did once date a nymphomaniac. that was annoying.
Have you?:: see above.

[Section 8 - Politics and such]
Are you a democrat?:: possibly
Or a republican?:: no
Or independent?:: there is no equivalent to what i am in the US political system, so yes.
How do you feel about gay marriage:: i don't believe in the necessity for marriage, so hence i see nothing wrong with gay marriage.
Smoking?:: in a free liberal society, we are responsible for our own health
Marijuana?:: as above, plus it's immoral to ban usage of an unprocessed weed. and anyway, think of the tax revenue :)
Drugs?:: as per smoking
Illegal immigrants?:: let me think about that one
Premarital sex?:: if marriage is unnecessary, so is a viewpoint on this question ;)
Porn?:: everything turns someone on. hence everything is pornographic to an extent.
Alcohol?:: see smoking.
Whores/prostitution?:: legalise it, regulate it, tax it.
Cloning?:: some interesting arguments on both sides.
Suicide?:: as per smoking. it's my body, i'll use it how i like thank you very much.
Death penalty?:: for what particular crime?
Religion in government?:: i believe the two should be seperate. disestablishmentarianism rules.
Our president?:: we don't have one. gee you can tell this meme originated in the usa!
Downloading music?:: there's a rant waiting to happen. two words : "maria solheim".
Burning CDs?:: partly legal under current uk copyright legislation
Gambling?:: a form of insurance.
School uniforms?:: kinky
One nation, under God?:: any collection of peoples does need one unifying force. however it would be preferable for that unifying force to be something tangible and visible, rather than seen as hypothetical by the majority of its citizens.

[Section 9 - Religious beliefs]
What religion do you practice?:: none. although I believe I fall under what may well be described as the philosophical doctrine of 'existentialism' (philosophy and religion are pretty much the same thing).
Have you ever practiced a religion besides the one you practice now?:: no.
Has someone ever tried to force you into believing certain things?:: my school did have a CoE bent. But I just mouthed the words of the prayers. it was too much trouble to be excused assembly on religious grounds.
Has someone ever tried to force you to practice their religion?:: no.
Do you go/have you been to religious gatherings?:: it has been known. On rare occasions.
What religion are your parents?:: none.
Do your parents care if you practice the same religion as them or not?:: they might be a tad worried if i started *to* practice one.
Do they know what religion you practice?:: no.
Are you open about your beliefs?:: absolutely. some of my friends are religious. i like a good debate.
Have you ever lied about your religious beliefs to look cool?:: no.
Do you believe a superior being exists/existed and created life?:: no.
One God?:: no.
Many Gods?:: no.
Does God(s) have a gender?:: no.
Male/female/neither?:: n/a
No God?:: define 'God'. no.
Heaven/Hell?:: no.
Jesus?:: yes. that surprised you, didn't it? :p I see no reason why 'Jesus' could not have existed. Certainly there is a number of source materials that suggest his existance. prophets were also ten-a-penny in Roman times. The contentious bit is the 'Son of God' aspect.
Angels/demons?:: no.
Spirits?:: no.
Ghosts?:: no.
Reincarnation?:: no.
The trinity?:: no.
Miracles?:: no.
Aliens?:: In a universe made up of trillions of stars, probability states that a small percentage of these would have planets orbiting them. probability also states that a small percentage of these would be capable of habiting life. 'Aliens' is such a vague term. is there life on other planets? since even a tree is, by definition, a living organism, probability states that, while incredibly uncommon (relative to the number of stars), other life has to exist.
Magick?:: no. see psychics.
Witchcraft?:: not in the way that people imagine. see psychics.
Tarot?:: no.
Psychics?:: not in the way that people might normally expect. However the mind is a powerful tool, and i see no reason why it wouldn't be possible to use the power of thought to perform tasks which might at first seem impossible. there is no reason why telekinesis, for instance, shouldn't be theoretically possible.
Vampires/werewolves/other?:: no.
Prayer?:: you can do what you like. will it help? the power of belief is, itself, strong - the placebo effect is well noted. that's up to the individual.
Rituals?:: see prayer.
Love?:: yes.
Fate?:: yes but not exclusively, and not continuously. fate, by its own definition, is something that could only happen in those certain fated circumstances.
Predestination?:: at times.
Horoscopes?:: no.
Astrology?:: no.
Superstitions?:: people need belief, and order in chaos. all superstitions come from original events and/or theories that at the time made sense.
Luck?:: no reason why not, although it shouldn't.
Telepathy?:: see psychics.
Energies?:: see psychics.
Familiars?:: see psychics. thoughts by proxy.
Sacred animals?:: no.
Animals are superior, inferior or equal to humans?:: humans are animals. every animal is different.
Initiation ceremonies?:: no.
Night and day differ for a religious reason?:: define 'religion'. it can be explained scientifically - there is no reason why science couldn't be a religion.
Ethnicity making someone superior/inferior to others?:: no.
Does your religion forbid anything?:: n/a
Do you dress certain ways to express your religion?:: n/a
Do other people assume what religion you practice by what you wear?:: no.
Are humans/animals naturally good/evil/neutral/depends?:: good and evil do not exist, they are merely represents of the prevailing views of society. when two tribes go to war, both think the other is 'evil'. they cannot both be right. therefore neither of them is. there are merely differing degrees of humanity.
Do you meditate/fast/chant/other?:: no.
Do you believe/agree with everything about your religion?:: n/a
Do you believe you're right and no one elses religion matters?:: no
Do you ever doubt your religion or religious beliefs?:: no, they are adaptable and changeable with evidence.
Do you believe in yourself?:: I think I'm thinking, therefore I may possibly be.
Are you open to other religions?:: yes, though that doesn't mean i believe them. "I do benefits for all religions; i'd hate to blow the hereafter on a technicality@ (Bob Hope).
Do you feel superior to people who don't believe the same things as you?:: no.
Do you think everyone should practice your religion?:: no ... it may help though if more people thought the same way.
Do you even believe in anything?:: death and taxes.
Are you interested in learning about other religions?:: yes.

[Section 10 - Animals]
Do you have any pets?:: no.
If so what are they? n/a.

[Section 11 - This or that]
Big/small:: average.
Cat/dog:: cat.
Black/white:: black
Coffee/tea:: neither. unless it's moroccan mint tea with 4732954329432 sugar cubes.
Pepsi/coke:: coke. or at least it used to be.
Soda/other:: odd question, other like what?
Pulp/none:: eh?
Scary/comedy:: comedy.
Books/magazines:: books.
Noise/silence:: silence.
Winter/summer:: winter.
Autumn/spring:: spring.
Summer/spring:: spring.
Winter/autumn:: winter.
Night/day:: night.
Hugs/kisses:: both ... hugs i think more though.
Life/death:: life.
TV/movie:: TV.
TV/book:: book
Fruits/vegetables:: fruits.
Meat/vegetables:: meat.
Cigarettes/alcohol:: alcohol.
Cold/hot:: cold.
Normal/different:: different.
Male/female:: either.
School/none:: none.
Red/blue:: blue.
Smart/fun:: smart.
Salt/sugar:: sugar.
Chocolate/vanilla:: chocolate.
Clean/dirty:: dirty.
Sunrise/sunset:: sunrise.
Metalhead/goth:: goth.
Goth/prep:: goth.
Metalhead/prep:: metalhead.
Sun/moon:: moon.
Rain/snow:: rain.
Short/long hair:: long.
Brand name/couldn't care less:: i couldn't care less.
Pen/pencil:: pen.
Sports/none:: sports.
Bath/shower:: shower.
Fireworks/glowsticks:: glowsticks.
Lick/bite:: lick.
Naked/clothed:: clothed.

[Section 12 - Education]
Do you go to school?:: no.
Have you gone to school?:: yes.
What's your level of education?:: two years at Uni.
Do you like school?:: hated it.
Learning?:: it has been known.
Have you ever been homeschooled?:: no.
Would you rather go to public or private school?:: oh i love the UK. They are the same thing ... :p
Been suspended?:: nearly ...
Expelled?:: no.
In detention?:: yeh ... quite often ... knew the school rules by heart ...
What's your favorite subject?:: economics.
Least favorite?:: physics.
Your schedule, block/periods/neither?:: when i was there, periods.
Do you have many classes with your friends?:: n/a
What classes do you want to take?:: n/a

[Section 15 - Have you ever]
Went skinny dipping?:: no.
Done drugs?:: tried cannabis. didn't have any effect.
Drank alcohol?:: sure.
Played strip poker?:: not yet ...
Climbed a tree?:: not strong enough ...
Fallen from a tree?:: no.
Bungee jumped?:: NO!!!
Been to Disneyland/world?:: no.
Been stung by a bee?:: no.
Pierced yourself?:: no.
Sky dived?:: no.
Rolled your tongue?:: yes.
Made a clover with it?: no.
Skiied?:: no.
Ran into a wall?:: probably.
Been on an airplane?:: yes, many times.
On a train?:: yes, many times.
Fainted?:: yes.
Thrown up on purpose?:: no. ewww.
Eaten an insect?:: not to my knowledge.
For no reason?:: no.

[Section 16 - Misc.]
What color are your socks today?:: none, i'm barefoot.
Do you own a spotted umbrella?:: no.
Do you like sporks?:: never tried one, but can see how useful they would be.
What about chopsticks?:: yes.
How many fingers do you have?:: eight.
Do you have any stiches?:: no.
If you could be anything/anyone you wanted, what/who would you be?:: myself, ten years ago.
Is your mushroom broken?:: yes and i am waiting for the repairman as i type.
Do you abuse/starve your sims?:: no, i leave charge of my sims up to dayna.
How many candles do you own?:: several.
Do you wear scarves?:: only in winter.
What do you think about make-up?:: i don't like too much of it.
If you could live anywhere, where would it be?:: france?
Do you like to be naked?:: not really.
All your base _________:: stations on the moon have been destroyed. Insert coin for new game.
My life has never been a bed a roses:: which is just as well else I'd have to sleep in a suit of armour.
What is life?:: a random collection of DNA molecules beaded together to form organisms that breathe.
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